A Top Rated Resource for Men 


The 4-Pillar Playbook is a 30-day, step-by-step, result-driven performance manual that helps you level up your life in four foundational pillars. Men that intentionally harness the power and energy of each of these 4 PILLARS on a consistent basis are those that are FULLY ENGAGED and THRIVING.

FAITH: Spiritual Energy & Power (Relationship with God, prayer, study of scripture, meditation, etc.)

FITNESS: Physical Energy & Power (Exercise, nutrition, hydration, rest, recovery, etc.)

FAMILY: Relational Energy & Power (Being intentionally active and present with wife, kids, friends, etc.)

FINANCES: Financial Energy & Power (Protection, productivity, profitability, wealth creation, debt reduction, etc.)

To get the most out of your playbook, there are a few key strategies you must be committed to...

The Strategy of Goal Setting…


  • A goal is the object of your ambition and target for your desired result. Your goal sets the course for the destination of your journey. 


The Strategy of System Setting…


  • Your system aligns your day-to-day tasks and tactical game plan with your larger goals and dreams always in view. 


The Strategy of Journaling…


  • Journaling establishes an account of the things going on in your current situation and provides a written record of your achievements and areas of continual growth. 

The 4-Pillar Playbook provides the structure by which YOU  BECOME...



fulfilled in your work and clear about who 

you are and where you are going in life.


an avid learner that intentionally collects the tools necessary to consistently lead 

yourself, your family, and your sphere of influence effectively.


being present in the relationships that matter most to you, relentless in the achievement of your goals, and intentional about your influence on culture.

"Though one man may be overpowered, two men can defend themselves... but a cord of three strands is not easily broken."

Although the 4-Pillar Playbook can be easily executed by any one man,

it is best deployed in community. Men that engage the process with other

like-minded men are those that tend to get the best results.