7 Actions of High Impact Men

Do you ever stop to think about why some men seem to catch all the breaks in life, and some do not, no matter how hard they try?  Do you know men who seem to work hard, but always seem to have some type of drama or crisis that drains them of their time, energy, or money?  It is as if, for some men, opportunity, and fortune follow them, while for others it's just the opposite.

Well, the short answer to the above questions is:  whether by chance or by choice, some men have learned to be what I call "high impact" while others have not.

The high impact man is one who has learned how to accomplish a lot with very little. He is simply effective in his approach to life. He is the person who simply makes significant things happen and gets tough things done.  The high impact man has developed the track record of being a producer, and a significant contributor.  He is influential and trusted.  The HIM finishes well and is respected for his competence, and admired for his integrity.  He is fair and loyal.  This man leaves in their wake solid relationships and positive results.  The High Impact Man is a change agent and a momentum shifter. 

The good news is, anyone can be high impact if they just choose to take actions that are high impact.  Here are 7 simple actions that I have noticed high impact men seem to have in common.

The 7 Simple Actions Of High Impact Men:

1. Is decisive:  ( he addresses problems and challenges swiftly).  The HIM understands the importance of addressing an issue as it comes up.  Even if he cannot do something immediately about a problem, he can still set the process of solving that problem in motion.  Indecisiveness is a common culprit of missed opportunity and mistakes.  Simple, consistent, decisive actions win!

2. Works like ants:  While The high impact man thinks big, he places a high value and importance on the small steps that add up to the big return. He understands that the big things happen when you are committed to doing the little things right.

3. Creates, and not just competes:  We all know how "competitive" school or sports can be.  Or how "competitive" the work environment is.  The mistake most men make is in trying to be "competitive."  Being competitive only keeps you tracking with your competition.  If your goal is to perform at your best, above the rest, you must get into the habit of coming up with new and better ways of doing things.  Case in point, Apple did not set out to just compete in the digital Mp3 audio market.  No, they studied the problems and issues the market still had with using digital audio devices and "created" a better solution.  We all know the end of that story!  Can someone say "iPod dynasty?" They didn't just compete, they created a whole new experience.

4. Is intolerant:  Understand that your quality of life is an outward function of your "inner" tolerations.  What I mean by this is, if you don't like the current situation you are in (i.e. you don't like your body because you think you are fat), then you must take a strong look at the behaviors, and food choices you tolerate from yourself.  What we tolerate from ourselves produces the baseline from where we get our results.  An effective way of improving the results we experience, in life, is to stop tolerating from ourselves attitudes and actions that yield sud-standard results.  I don't mean be harder on yourself for not doing something. Instead be more intolerant of doing things that do not give you the results you want, in the first place.  More on this topic in a future post.

5. Is results oriented, and not approach oriented:  They truly care more about getting things right, more than they care about having to be right.  The HIM always weighs his choices on whether or not those choices will move him closer to his goal.  If they see that their approach is not working, they immediately seek out  better ways of doing it.  They understand that they don't have to "be the one that is right" to "be the one that gets it right!" 

6. Seeks out and models "what works":  While the high impact man is creative, he understand that in most cases he does not have to re-invent the wheel.  If he seeks to achieve a certain result he seeks out people who have achieved those results, or better, and models what has already been done.  It is better to learn and profit from the mistakes of others.  An added benefit; by first modeling what works, and getting the results you want, you are in an even better position to improve the process.

7. Finishes well:  Most highly motivated men are great starters.  Starting a project is not a problem for most men; it's finishing the project that most are challenged with.  I have found that an easy way to separate yourself from the pack is to consistently follow through on just the things you say you'll do.  Because most people do not habitually do this, if you finish well you will quickly gain the reputation of being a closer that can be counted on.

As you can see, being a High Impact Man has many advantages that anyone can take advantage of.  To be a High Impact Man doesn't take special talent, nor does it take extraordinary intelligence.  All it takes is a willingness to be intentional about living a fully engaged life.  

Makes a lot of sense, right?

God Speed!

Byron Davis

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